Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well I haven't posted for a while so I figured I better post something even if its short and sweet. I've actually been trying to stay busy since Thanksgiving. We went to Dennis's for thnksgiving dinner and it was delicious as always. Lorana always puts on a good meal and this year was no different. Johney was there and he brought his girlfriend who seemed very nice. Ashlee test drove a car that Papa had, she fell in love with it, worked out a negotiation with Dennis and is going to buy the car after the first of December. She has to pay 1/2 now and then payment monthly for the rest. She is quite excited about hving a car again. It is a 98 honda civic, automatic and in good shape. She can't drive it though until she has made at least a paymnet. Also went shopping the day after thnksgiving. Actually we had a good time, didn't really have to be anywhere for anything specefic but I was at Walmart at 8 pm on thursday and the store didn't open until 5 am friday morning. Me, Megan, Kathy, Chuck, and Brandon went and we were firts in line and it just was a fun night talking with the other customers. Saturday was a veg day.On Sunday, Megan & I went to a bead party and I bought some beads for my bracelet. Tomorrow is monday, and back to the same ole grind. Have been a little nauseaus but hoping that will subside in the next few days. I really have just been feeling blahhh.Not really sick, but not really feeling good either. Hopeing things will get better ofver the next few days.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Haven't posted for a few days, but even still not much to talk about.Went to have a foot massage on Thursday night with Kath, Meg, and Ash and that was very relaxing. I went to Kathys after and spent the night and we went to Portland on Friday for Rutgers drs appt. After Rutgers appt we went to ACMoore for some scrapbooking stuff. Kathy came back to the house for a little while to visit. Nicole's shower was Saturday and that was the only real thing going on. The shower went over very nice, no major arguements, the food was good and there was some people there that I hadn't seen for a while so it was nice to see them. I think today is going to be a LAZY day. I have nothing planned and Dave is working on the 2nd bathroom. The toilet isn't working correctly so hoping its just the valve and not that the septic needs to be pumped. I will know soon enough, hes been working on it for about 2 hours. Praying for just a slow toilet. Actually changing the subject, I got a letter from my disability insurance and they are only willing to pay from the lower payout vs the higher payout due to when I made a change on my policy. Because I changed in Jan 2009, I can only collect on what the policy was in 2008 because you have to have the diagnosis for 1 year with no claim. Cost me $200 per month by only being able to collect the lower amount. I may have to call and dispute that since I paid the premium for the higher amount. Insurace will screw you any way they can

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today seemed to go by sooo slow..... It is 7:20 and it seems like it should be 10 pm. With it getting dark so early it makes the day seem long. I had a drs appt this am with my eye dr to check my glaucoma. Unfortunately I have slacked off on taking the eye drops and the pressure is back up in my eyes so I need to get back on track with that. Its not that it bothers me, its just i forget to put the drops in. I have to go back in Jan and hopefully the pressure will be down again. My temodar came today, only got 10 pills for a 5 day period so had to call drs office, hopefully can get 30 day supply so I have to pay co-pay 1 time rather that 5 times. Makes a difference of $25 or $150. Same prescription just different cost due to how it is dispensed. CRAZY! I am gonna start the temodar tonight, still hoping for no reaction. I think I've had my fair share of reactions, so this better go smoothly! Saw Janie was online today, so hoping that means she is home from hospital. I tried to connect with her but no luck so Janie if you read this, drop me a line hope your doing well. My Dad took me to my eye drs. appt today and that was a little scary. His driving makes me more nervous everytime. I did get Garretts contacts straightened out so he is all set with his contacts. He did have to change solution so hopefully he won't have bloodshot eyes all the time. I saw Mary Dempsey at Dr. DeRosas today and we chatted for a bit, but Dad was with me and he chatted with her for a while. He really likes her alot and thinks very highly of her. She really is an angel. Diane, I know you read this so just want to say a personal hi to you. I love it when you email me back. I know time is precious and I really appreciate the email, cuz I miss you guys so much at least when I get an email from you I feel connected. My memory is better everyday, but we will see how I do on this new medication. I don't know how people can NOT work. Not putting anyone down who doesn't work, I just find it so boring. My choice would be to work, but to each his own. I do enjoy some days of laziness, but couldn't stand it for a long period of time. I may have to find something to do that doesn't require me to drive that I can pass the time with. Plus of course I want it to be fun, exciting, and interesting, HAHA. Out of here for now.............

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Had an awesome visit with the girls at the CC yesterday. It was nice to catch up and just see and hear what everyone else is doing. Its funny how even with time some things never change. Everything was the same, yet I could see things were changing. Talked with Dave this am, he had quiet night in NY. Both him & Marc were tired from a short night and long day on Saturday. They have a big day planned today with the Alden state game and then hanging out with the fam and drinking. Didn't have anything on my plate for today, but Gail called me and is going to Auburn to get a few things so I may ride with her just to get out. I get so bored at home. Both the girls are home but they are sleeping now and I'm not sure what they are doing today. I did 2 pages of scrapbooking last night and was happy with both pages. I think I might go to Kathys tomorrow, at least that is the plan. Theres always something going on there so I'm sure it will be packed with things to do. Kathy is going to make a big spaghetti dinner so that will be good as I love spaghetti. It is cold outside today, I have turned my heat on, but I hate the thought of using oil already and we only have 1/4 of a tank until next month when I can afford oil. Trying to conserve and use the wood stove too. Its chilly, but still ok. Weather is suppose to be nice all weekend so I plan on enjoying the upcoming days.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spent some time with Gail and Riley today. Riley is such a cutee! Gail came and pick me up and took me to her house for a visit was nice just to sit around and chat and enjoy Riley. Then we went to Antigonnis and had lunch. It was an enjoyable morning. Gail then brought me home and I vegged out and relaxed some. Dave got home early and him & Marc headed out on their trip like 2 little boys. They are so excited and I'm sure they will have fun in NY. I think tonight is going to be an early night as me & Ash are both exhausted for some reason. Garrett is still full of energy, he is going on an overnight visit with some friends from school tomorrow. Meg, if your reading this we had tacos for supper tonight from Tiltons and they were awesome. Sorry you missed them. I am happy you are home tomorrow though, I miss you. Hoping to stop by at work tomorrow if Meg comes home and goes to her work for a visit. Getting into a routine here now, so days seem to be better as I am feeling better every day. I was hoping the afternoons would warm up as I'd like to get a walk in, but it has been cold outside and I hate the cold, especially the wind. If we get a warm day, I may get out for a walk. Did a little research on the chemo that I am going to start and wondering how I will do. It says that it can cause nausea but I'm hoping I can take enough anti-nausea meds that I feel ok. I may be perfectly fine which is what I'm shooting for. I start that next week so I still have a few good days for sure ahead of me. Getting tired so gonna hit the hay early tonight.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JUST LOST MY ENTIRE POST!!! GGGRRRR. Well today I went to Dr. Ericksons and we reviewed the CT results from last week and I got very good news. The tumor has reduced in size by 80% with the radiation treatments. That is significant shrinkage and Dr. E. seemed very pleased with the results. I was too, although would have been great to say NED, but I will take 80% reduction for now and continue to hope for more shrinkage over the next few months. I am going to go on to a chemo regimen too starting next week. I will take Temodar (chemo pill) for 5 days then have 3 weeks off, then back on to the Temodar for 5 days, then another 3 weeks off. I will follow this for 6 months as long as I show progress. Now it is a continued wait and see routine. Dave & Marc are heading to NY tomorrow for a visit. They are both so excited, they are like 2 little kids going on a fun trip. Wait, they are 2 little kids going on a fun trip...... haha. I think Dave needs this to get away and just have some fun. Me and the girls have a quiet weekend planned and Garrett is going to a weekend getaway with some friends. I think Megan is going to her work on Friday afternoon to visit her co-workers and if she does I am going with her and have her drop me off at my work so I can visit my coworkers too. Girls if you are reading this I may be there on Friday to visit and I'll let you know for sure later in the week. Well, my computer keeps screwing up and I don't want to lose this again so I'm outta here.
Gonna be just a quick note this am, as I have drs appt today and am hoping have some new news to post after my appt. Yesterday was sooo boring. My routine is so predictable. Up at 6 am, watch morning news, then Today show, then Price is Right, and then tv off for day. I usually try to read or get something together to scrap. Little bit worried about the incoming weather. It looks like we might get some snow and Dave & Marc are headed to NY on Thursday. Weather is saying 2-3 inches so hopefully they don't drive into much snow. Sunday and Monday are looking really good though and Ash just found out she doesn't have to work on Sunday so maybe we will all try to do something fun. Well, until later......