Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today seemed to go by sooo slow..... It is 7:20 and it seems like it should be 10 pm. With it getting dark so early it makes the day seem long. I had a drs appt this am with my eye dr to check my glaucoma. Unfortunately I have slacked off on taking the eye drops and the pressure is back up in my eyes so I need to get back on track with that. Its not that it bothers me, its just i forget to put the drops in. I have to go back in Jan and hopefully the pressure will be down again. My temodar came today, only got 10 pills for a 5 day period so had to call drs office, hopefully can get 30 day supply so I have to pay co-pay 1 time rather that 5 times. Makes a difference of $25 or $150. Same prescription just different cost due to how it is dispensed. CRAZY! I am gonna start the temodar tonight, still hoping for no reaction. I think I've had my fair share of reactions, so this better go smoothly! Saw Janie was online today, so hoping that means she is home from hospital. I tried to connect with her but no luck so Janie if you read this, drop me a line hope your doing well. My Dad took me to my eye drs. appt today and that was a little scary. His driving makes me more nervous everytime. I did get Garretts contacts straightened out so he is all set with his contacts. He did have to change solution so hopefully he won't have bloodshot eyes all the time. I saw Mary Dempsey at Dr. DeRosas today and we chatted for a bit, but Dad was with me and he chatted with her for a while. He really likes her alot and thinks very highly of her. She really is an angel. Diane, I know you read this so just want to say a personal hi to you. I love it when you email me back. I know time is precious and I really appreciate the email, cuz I miss you guys so much at least when I get an email from you I feel connected. My memory is better everyday, but we will see how I do on this new medication. I don't know how people can NOT work. Not putting anyone down who doesn't work, I just find it so boring. My choice would be to work, but to each his own. I do enjoy some days of laziness, but couldn't stand it for a long period of time. I may have to find something to do that doesn't require me to drive that I can pass the time with. Plus of course I want it to be fun, exciting, and interesting, HAHA. Out of here for now.............

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