Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JUST LOST MY ENTIRE POST!!! GGGRRRR. Well today I went to Dr. Ericksons and we reviewed the CT results from last week and I got very good news. The tumor has reduced in size by 80% with the radiation treatments. That is significant shrinkage and Dr. E. seemed very pleased with the results. I was too, although would have been great to say NED, but I will take 80% reduction for now and continue to hope for more shrinkage over the next few months. I am going to go on to a chemo regimen too starting next week. I will take Temodar (chemo pill) for 5 days then have 3 weeks off, then back on to the Temodar for 5 days, then another 3 weeks off. I will follow this for 6 months as long as I show progress. Now it is a continued wait and see routine. Dave & Marc are heading to NY tomorrow for a visit. They are both so excited, they are like 2 little kids going on a fun trip. Wait, they are 2 little kids going on a fun trip...... haha. I think Dave needs this to get away and just have some fun. Me and the girls have a quiet weekend planned and Garrett is going to a weekend getaway with some friends. I think Megan is going to her work on Friday afternoon to visit her co-workers and if she does I am going with her and have her drop me off at my work so I can visit my coworkers too. Girls if you are reading this I may be there on Friday to visit and I'll let you know for sure later in the week. Well, my computer keeps screwing up and I don't want to lose this again so I'm outta here.

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