Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spent some time with Gail and Riley today. Riley is such a cutee! Gail came and pick me up and took me to her house for a visit was nice just to sit around and chat and enjoy Riley. Then we went to Antigonnis and had lunch. It was an enjoyable morning. Gail then brought me home and I vegged out and relaxed some. Dave got home early and him & Marc headed out on their trip like 2 little boys. They are so excited and I'm sure they will have fun in NY. I think tonight is going to be an early night as me & Ash are both exhausted for some reason. Garrett is still full of energy, he is going on an overnight visit with some friends from school tomorrow. Meg, if your reading this we had tacos for supper tonight from Tiltons and they were awesome. Sorry you missed them. I am happy you are home tomorrow though, I miss you. Hoping to stop by at work tomorrow if Meg comes home and goes to her work for a visit. Getting into a routine here now, so days seem to be better as I am feeling better every day. I was hoping the afternoons would warm up as I'd like to get a walk in, but it has been cold outside and I hate the cold, especially the wind. If we get a warm day, I may get out for a walk. Did a little research on the chemo that I am going to start and wondering how I will do. It says that it can cause nausea but I'm hoping I can take enough anti-nausea meds that I feel ok. I may be perfectly fine which is what I'm shooting for. I start that next week so I still have a few good days for sure ahead of me. Getting tired so gonna hit the hay early tonight.

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