Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well I haven't posted for a while so I figured I better post something even if its short and sweet. I've actually been trying to stay busy since Thanksgiving. We went to Dennis's for thnksgiving dinner and it was delicious as always. Lorana always puts on a good meal and this year was no different. Johney was there and he brought his girlfriend who seemed very nice. Ashlee test drove a car that Papa had, she fell in love with it, worked out a negotiation with Dennis and is going to buy the car after the first of December. She has to pay 1/2 now and then payment monthly for the rest. She is quite excited about hving a car again. It is a 98 honda civic, automatic and in good shape. She can't drive it though until she has made at least a paymnet. Also went shopping the day after thnksgiving. Actually we had a good time, didn't really have to be anywhere for anything specefic but I was at Walmart at 8 pm on thursday and the store didn't open until 5 am friday morning. Me, Megan, Kathy, Chuck, and Brandon went and we were firts in line and it just was a fun night talking with the other customers. Saturday was a veg day.On Sunday, Megan & I went to a bead party and I bought some beads for my bracelet. Tomorrow is monday, and back to the same ole grind. Have been a little nauseaus but hoping that will subside in the next few days. I really have just been feeling blahhh.Not really sick, but not really feeling good either. Hopeing things will get better ofver the next few days.

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